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Tokenlock does not enter password successfully in osx 10.12


OS X 10.12 introduced a new bug that causes some Macs not to be able to enter the password successfully.


The latest version of TokenLock fixes this, though on some slower Macs this may not be enough. If your Mac is still not getting unlocked you can either  check the "slow down password entry "checkbox in the options tab in tokenlock., or you can tweak the speed of entry yourself to make it as fast as possible while still operating correctly:


Open a terminal (Applications->Utilities->Terminal)

Type in this setting command to set the inter-key delay when entering the password:

defaults write com.mappin.tokenlock interKeyDelay -float 0.02

The default is 0.02, but as you increase this your likelihood of success goes up.



defaults write com.mappin.tokenlock interKeyDelay -float 0.03



defaults write com.mappin.tokenlock interKeyDelay -float 0.04

and so on.

Each time you'll need to quit and relaunch TokenLock for the changes to take effect...



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