Conference Scheduler

Conference Scheduler allows you to easily set up Webex conferences from your Mac. 

Select Date, Time and duration. 
Select users from your address book, or your corporate LDAP server. 
Stores WebEx credentials in your Keychain. 
Schedules the meeting and copies the invite to your clipboard automatically. 
Hold down option while launching to instantly create and join a new meeting. 

Note: Webex's APIs do not support HighQuality video scheduling yet, so WebexScheduler can not schedule conferences with High Quality video.

Now available on the app store:


Note that each WebEx instance allows you to do certain things, while some others do not allow the functionality. Conference Scheduler will allow you to try and schedle whatever type of conference you like, but you may get an error message back from your WebEx site if you choose an option that is not available to you.

Example LDAP section:

Screen Shot 2012-05-18 at 11.43.36 AM

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