Short version:

Run the app.

Connect your X5

App detects DAP, copies over music and playlists, then ejects the DAP

Current features:

* Expects one or two drives: X5 TF1    and/or    X5 TF2

  (if you formatted using the X5, you're good to go. You can connect the cards to your Mac, or

   simply plug the X5 in as a USB Storage device)

*Auto detect iTunes library - or allow manual select.

*Detect dap connection and optionally auto sync

*Split files over two cards, if present, based on Artist. (User selectable split location)

*Generate m3u8 playlists in the correct format for any playlists starting with Dapper in iTunes

*Copy any tracks in iTunes playlist Dapper Music to the DAP, if they're not already there (Size based)

*Copies folder.jpg to DAP if it exists

*Copy playlists to root on one card

*Optionally eject DAP drives on completion.

*Option to start minimized.

*Option to restore window size when syncing, and minimize when done.

*Notification center support.

* Multi threaded - will copy to both cards simultaneously.

* Display time left estimate after 20 seconds or more.

* Option to remove hidden OSX files on drives before ejecting.

Dapper is not available on the App Store since it needs access to a multitude of other functions in order to work that are not available in the App Sandbox.

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