Installing FFMPEG

To allow Dapper to compress your music on the fly to your dap you need to download and install ffmpeg, as well as give OSX the warm-n-fuzzies that its okay to run...

1… Click here to go to the ffmpeg download site for mac and download the zipfile.

2… Double click the ffmpeg app that is unzipped as a result.

3… You may be warned that OSX doesn’t trust the app, lets jump through hoops to tell it that the compressor app is OK:

3a… Open system preferences, security and click the button that says to Open anyway:

3b… Now try double-click the ffmpeg app again. This time click the Open button to confirm you want to run it.

3c… You should finally see that its run:

4… Now you need to copy the newly-run ffmpeg app to where Dapper can see it. Clickon the finder icon on the left of your OSX Dock: 

5… Click the “Go” menu and select “Go to folder” and enter:

       ~/Library/Application Scripts/

6… Copy that ffmpeg file from the downloads to the folder that just opened. Youre done!

© 2011 Jeremy Laurenson / MapPin Software