MediaTransfer 2.0 for iPhone and iPad has been Released and on the App Store

iPhone and iPad Bugs squished: 
Fixed a bug where punctuation was not removed from Mac computer names. This is actually a major fix to resolve weirdness with names.
Fixed a bug where spaced in the FTP path were not converted to %20

iPhone and iPad 
Features Added:

Widened the ftp path field to make editing easier.
Removed the "Put files in Pictures" folder option and made it append /Pictures/ to the path itself. This should help solve issues with foreign localizations a little.
Browse for your Mac or PC to select which machine to transfer to, no more guessing at PC Computer names. (Uses iTunes on the PC)

Email Support button changed and configuration as well as log data is automatically entered into the email.

Marking all items as already transferred:

Setting to allow you to mark all your existing pictures as "Already uploaded" - the opposite functionality of "Clear all remembered items".

Removed warnings about number of items. We now support huge libraries

Rotation support on all screens both iPad and iPhone.

Cleaned up settings UI keyboard interaction: Better iPad support in terms of  UI.

Preview of custom (and regular) full filenames as you configure them.

Share MediaTransfer with friends using Twitter, Facebook or Email.

Select which albums to upload: All images, camera roll, faces, albums etc.

If on a PC, you can choose to use Computer name or IP Address to connect to.

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