TokenLock 3.5 goes live on the Mac App Store

Tokenlock 3.5 has been released tot he app store after almost 5 months. Wow. Wonder if that was worth it!

TokenLock - Lock your Mac when you walk away.

Tokenlock helps you improve the security of your Mac by locking it when you:

Remove a USB device you have designated from your Mac.

Move a bluetooth device out of bluetooth range of your Mac.

Tokenlock was designed to increase the security of your Mac by automatically turning on the screen saver, or locking your system whenever a USB device or a Bluetooth device are removed from your system.

You can tell it to monitor almost any USB device, such as a hard token like YubiKey, a removable flash drive or any other USB device for that matter. Whenever the device is disconnected it will immediately lock your Mac.

Tokenlock can monitor any Bluetooth device to check if it is removed from range, such as your cellphone, headset or other Bluetooth device. Token lock checks periodically based on a schedule you choose to see if the Bluetooth device can still be seen. You can set diffent schedules based on whether or not your Mac is plugged into power or is simply on battery to conserve battery power.
Tokenlock checks for the device instead of having to have the device paired with your Mac, since not all devices can "connect" using Bluetooth but may still be seen in the Bluetooth device list.

In addition, you can easily lock your Mac manually using the TokenLock menu.

Tokenlock can be set to required a password to change settings or to quit the app, further securing your system.

MultiThreading: Checks are done in the background, so that TokenLock remains responsive.
Sleep Aware: When the computer sleeps, this causes USB disconnections. TokenLock is smart enough to realize this and avoids “Double locking” your Mac when the USB device you choose has not re-initialized yet after sleep mode.

Note: TokenLock only locks your Mac. Having it auto-unlock a Mac would be a security risk since anyone could use a similar device to bypass your security.                          

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