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How can I use my Pebble smartwatch to lock my Mac?


Note: Currently Pebble is a new device with some rough edges… it responds to only one device at a time - meaning that for TokenLock to work with it, it needs to be connected to your Mac and not your iPhone.

If we can get the Pebble guys to make a change, you'll be able to use your Peble with you iPhone AND your Mac in order to do automatic locking.



TokenLock checks for bluetooth devices by doing a query to the Bluetooth device for it's name, and actually does not need to be paired to the device at all:

 IOReturn errVal=[device remoteNameRequest:selfwithPageTimeout:bluetoothTimeout];

This works on 99% of bluetooth devices, whether they are paired, discoverable or not… but not Pebble - it needs to be paired to answer the request currently.

It also sometimes stops responding, requiring you to disable and re-enable bluetooth on your Mac for it to resume.

We have filed a bug with the Pebble folks to get this fixed, and provided them with a copy of TokenLock… but they're busy… Please pile on and ask them about TokenLock!

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