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Detailed FTP Logging in OSX


To check what is happening in detail from OSX, you can do the following:


Inside of Applications on your Mac is a folder called Utilities.

Inside Utilities is an Application called Terminal.  Open this application.

Now, in the window, type  tail -f /var/log/ftp.log

This will show you the history of what has happened in the FTP server. Fire up MediaTransfer and watch to see any new messages. below is an example of the messages when an incorrect username or password is being entered by MediaTransfer:


Dec 26 17:19:55 MacBook-Pro ftpd[274]: connection from to

Dec 26 17:20:01 MacBook-Pro ftpd[274]: FTP LOGIN FAILED FROM

A successful connection looks like this:


Dec 26 17:22:17 MacBook-Pro ftpd[332]: connection from to

Dec 26 17:22:24 MacBook-Pro ftpd[332]: FTP LOGIN FROM as jeremylaurenson (class: real, type: REAL)


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