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TokenLock is not Unlocking my Mac


TokenLock unlocks your Mac in two different ways. First, if you are using the built in TokenLock lock, it should have no problems whatsoever unlocking.

Alternately TokenLock can unlock your Mac using system events - literally sending keypresses to the system on your behalf. This can be very tricky because we need to make sure you are not in your favorite chat app or other app when we send those keypresses, and sometimes OSX does not respond very quickly to them. We highly recommend making sure you are on the latest version of OSX as Apple has fixed a lot of bugs and provided new APIs that help us with this.

Don't give up, and if you are stuck, please log a case. Unlocking screen savers and sleeping Macs is very tricky.

If TokenLock is not unlocking your Mac properly:

  • Make sure the "Unlock my Mac" checkboxes are checked.
  • Make sure you are using Screen Saver, Built In or Sleep locks. TokenLock Built-in lock is the most reliable, and the default.
  • If TokenLock isnt pressing enter after entering your password, make sure the "Press enter after entering password" checkbox in advanced settings is turned on.
  • Check that your guest account it turned off and turn off Fast user switching in the user accounts settings of OSX. This can cause issues with password entry.
  • If TokenLock is not entering your entire password:
    • Try increasing the "Password entry delay" settings to give your Mac more time to wake up properly. We are using some accessibility features to enter the password and on some Macs, especially after waking from sleep, the Macs do not respond well.
    • Try the "Auto retry unlocking" setting. This will attempt to unlock twice, by which time a lot of folks' Macs have become responsive.
    • Try the "Slow down password entry" setting - this uses the delay you set for after the password is entered, and uses itbetween each and every character. Its likely you'll be able to actually see the errors happening here, and will be able to find a workaround.
If you still can't get Screen saver lock to unlock, you can use the TokenLock built in lock, which unlock more reliably than the screen saver or wake from sleep.
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