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TokenLock bluetooth issues


Bluetooth isnt working at all:

There are several Bluetooth problems that can be solved very easily. Here is a checklist of things to run through:

  • Is bluetooth on? (Check for the bluetooth B icon on your Mac menu bar and on your device menu bar - is it on?)
  • If youre trying to select your device, is it "Discoverable"? For example on an iPhone you must be in the Bluetooth settings page for your phone to be discoverable.
  • If bluetooth on your phone does not stay on when you leave the settings page ( the bluetooth icon on the main screen goes away), your phone is being clever and is trying to save power by keeping bluetooth off. You need to pair your phone with something - anything - to convince it it should keep bluetooth enabled. Maybe you can pair it with your Mac :-)
  • Try turning Bluetooth off and on again on your phone/device. You would be surprised how flakey an iPhone can be ;-)


Bluetooth is flakey - it connects works sporadically:

Apple has some suggestions to check first:

First, try testing TokenLock while monitoring something like an Apple Bluetooth Keyboard or Magic Trackpad if you have one. This will give you a better idea of how a "well behaved bluetoth device" works with Tokenlock.

We find that the devices make a large difference - these are actually no problems with the TokenLock app so much as how well behaved the bluetooth devices are. Some phones prefer being a little flakey over using up a little more battery to be good bluetooth citizens.


Bluetooth is a wireless technology that is made for short distance radio communications. It happens to also run in the same frequency band as most WiFi today. It is also made for mobile devices and so is set up to try and consume as little power as is possible. All of these things as well as environmental factors are outide the control of TokenLock the app.

If you are experiencing bluetooth flakiness there are a few things you can try further:

  • Increase the bluetooth Timeout amount and the number of tries before locking if your Mac keeps locking when your device is nearby.
  • Restart your bluetooth device. iPhones as an example are notorious for loosing connectivity and a reboot almost always clears up the issue - indicating that its a device problem, not an app problem.
  • Make sure your device is not getting interference from things like microwave ovens, wireless phones etc. These all disrupt the 2.5GHz frequency spectrum
  • Make sure that Bluetooth is remaining enabled on you device. As an example, when bluetooth is enabled on iPhone you should see s small bluetooth icon ont he top status bar next tot he battery level. If you dont see it, bluetooth is turned off and TokenLock will not see your phone.

In short, TokenLock does its best to try and reliably detect your device. In fact you will notice "lag" in us locking and ulocking specifically because we do multiple checks to make sure the decisions TokenLock makes about your device's proximity are as accurate as it can make them.


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