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My app is crashing, how can I provide you with better info to help?


First, we apologize for the issues. Our goal is to get you up and running!

It is extremely helpful for us to get as many crash reports as is possible... to find them and attach them to a ticket:


1... Open the console (Apps->Utilities->Console)

2... On the left click on "User Reports" and "System Reports" to look for the application in question...

3... Find the one for the app that is crashing and Right Click to "Reveal in finder"

4... You should be able to attach those reports to your tickets so we can see thats happening... The more the merrier :-)


If you have an older version of Mac OS X, then you may need to go find those reports the old fashioned way...

Within Mac OSX, crash reports are saved in various locations depending on which version of Mac OSX you have installed.

Mac OSX 10.5

If you are running 10.5.8 your crashes will be written as one file per crash which will contain the name of the application that crashed, the date and time of the crash and the name of the computer. Your crash log should be located in the directory:

~/ Library / Logs / CrashReporter

e.g. ~Library/Logs/CrashReporter/TokenLock_10-10-101745_Jeremys_MBP.


Mac OSX 10.6

If you are running 10.6.4 your crashes will be written as one crash per file which will contain the name of the application that crashed, the date and time of the crash and the name of the computer just as in 10.5.8 except that they are located here:

~/ Library / Logs / DiagnosticReports

e.g. ~Library/Logs/CrashReporter/TokenLock_10-10-101745_Jeremys_MBP

It will also put an alias of this in this location:

~/ Library / Logs / CrashReporter


Mac OSX 10.7/10.8

In Mac OS X 10.7 and 10.8, crash logs are saved in the same location as in Mac OS X Leopard (10.5.x) and Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6.x) except the ‘Library’ folder is hidden by default. To locate the Library folder, choose 'Go to Folder' from  Finder’s 'Go' menu and type:


 e.g.~/ Library / Logs / DiagnosticReports/TokenLock_10-10-101745_Jeremys_MBP.


TIP: To make the Library folder permanently visible in Mac OS X 10.7/10.8, type the following command in Terminal:

chflags nohidden ~/Library


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