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Debugging if TokenLock is locking instantly.


Can't see a log because TokenLock keeps locking?

We can see more if you have a second Mac by:


Stopping TokenLock (or safe-booting your Mac)

In System Preferences -> Sharing - turn on Remote Login.


On another machine, in a terminal: 

ssh username@your-machine-name.local  or       ssh username@your-machine-ip-address

Log in and then then, type:

sudo tail -f /var/log/system.log


This will show you the system log.

Then run TokenLock and turn on detailed debugging.

You can set it all up and then close the settings window.


You should see the log even if it locks.

You can then press <CTRL><C> to exit the view of the log.

And then

killall TokenLock

To make TokenLock stop, even if its locked.

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