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Testing FTP locally on a PC


In order to test if your FTP server is in fact operational, try this:

Step 1: Lets gets command prompt up...

On windows 8+ go to the desktop (old windows interface) and put the cursor in the bottom right to pop up the side menu and sleect Search. Search for  "command"  and run the Command Prompt

On windows before 7, you can click Start -> Run and type in   cmd    and press enter 

Step 2: Connect locally by typing:   ftp  and pressing enter

Step 3: When prompted, type in the username and then password.

If you sucessfully connect, then the FTP server is running and the username and password are right... and next we need to make sure the computer is accessible from another machine...

Next, lets look at Mebia FTP on your iPhone and see what name it has for your PC. We will want to use that same name to make sure your iPhone can connect to the PC using that name.

In Mebia FTP on your iOS device, take a look at the "Server Path" settings. The name of the FTP server is everything there up to the first /

For example, if mine shows:  ftp://jeremyw7.local/pictures/   then the name is jeremyw7.local

Step4: In the command prompt type   ping <<yourcomputername>> for example, in my case: ping jeremyw7.local

You should see Reply from xxxxxx if the computer could successfully reach itself by name.

Step5: Lets see if your iOS device can also see your machine using that name - you can download a free copy of iNetTools from the App Store to test. Opent he iNetTools app, and select Ping. In the host name field, enter the same name as you did above - in my case  jeremyw7.local  cnd click the start button. Once you see a response (64 bytes from xxxxx) you know the iOS device can find your server by name. If it shows Invalid host name or IP Address you know there is an issue with your ftp server.

Step 6: Lets make sure the iPhone can connect to the Server using its anme and the FTP protocol - in iNetTools, click Back and select the "Prot Scan" item. Enter your server name, and 21 for the port range. Click start. It should return saying that Port 21 is Open and also under the "Ports open" output show 21 as FTP. If it does not there is still an issue with your firewall.



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