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How to do a fresh install of TokenLock


To completely remove and reinstall TokenLock, follow these directions:


Step 1: Save your serial number

Your serial number is shown on the left hand side of the main TokenLock settings screen

Save this, as it is the activation code to enable TokenLock after any trial period has expired.

Step 2: Deleting TokenLock Preferences

Once you have saved this serial number, you can remove all the settings by typing the following in the terminal window: (Apps->Utilities->Terminal)

defaults delete com.mappin.tokenlock

Step 3: Removing Tokenlock

Open Applications and drag TokenLock into the trash… remember to empty the trash too!

Step 4: Removing the TokenLock saved password

Use Keychain Access (Applications -> Utilities -> Keychain Access) and do a search for TokenLock. Remove the TokenLockAdminPassword entry.

Step 5: Download and reinstall Tokenlock. - Remember to check for updates!

Step 6: When asked, enter the serial number.

In my case, that number is 8677737274-7774827684-7374768473-74


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