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Troubleshooting Dapper


Did you click the Go button, or do you have Auto Sync turned on? :-)

There are a few major steps in troubleshooting Dapper, but its a good idea initially to snc just a small sample of your library - maybe two albums, to make sure all is working. Once youre all set then you can add the bulk of your music to your Dapper playlists...

First, wake sure the DAP's drives are showing up on your Mac. If they are not, Dapper will not be able to see your device and make any changes.

  1. Make sure that the DAP is in Player mode and not DAC mode.
  2. Disconnect and reconnect the player.
  3. Reboot the player.
  4. If you use SyncMate, Quit and restart syncmate as well as your DAP. If this does not work, reboot your Mac and your DAP.
  5. Check that you have the latest software/firmware for your player.

Make sure Dapper knows which drives you want to use, and has access.

  1. Select the drives you wish to use again. This tells Dapper what drives to use, and it also tell's OSX that you are giving Dapper permission to access those drives.

At this point the "Go" button on Dapper should become visible. If not, there is still an issue with Dapper seeing the drives-  either because they are not showing up on the Mac at all, or Dapper cant access or does not know which ones to use (they haven't been selected)

Milestone 1: If the "Go" button appears, or auto sync starts, you have successfully connected your DAP.

Next, to make sure things get copied properly, make sure the your type of DAP is selected.

  1. On the utilities tab, click "Download DAP List" to refresh the list.
  2. On the utilities tab, select your DAP model from the popup.

Make sure you have playlists in iTunes that start with the word Dapper. Only these tracks and playlists will be copied. Its a very good idea to try to keep only music in these playlists.


If all else fails, you can reset Dapper by quitting it, and then holding down the <OPTION> key while running it again. If you hold down the key, you will be asked if you want to reset settings - click Yes. Dapper will quit and then you can release the option key and run Dapper fresh again.


 Still have problems? You can try our latest build by clicking here, or log a case and we'll be more than happy to help!

Please look at this article on how to gather the most information in order for us to help.


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