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Can Dapper sync songs from Apple Music?


Apple Music allows you to listen to streaming songs on their service and also add songs to your library. When you add a song to your library, that song is not automatically downloaded to your Mac. You need to download it from iCloud in order to have the song stored on your Mac.

These Apple Music iTunes songs, once they have been downloaded, can be put into Dapper playlists and dapper will indeed copy over the associated .M4P music file and album art to your DAP.

The issue is that these songs are protected by Digital Rights Management encryption, or DRM.

If your DAP is capable of playing Apple Music DRM encoded .M4P songs, they will play fine, but very few DAPs, if any, support this.

So,t he short answer is yes, Dapper will copy them, but your DAP is unlikely to be able to play the Apple Music DRM format.

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