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I get "File not found" errors when trying to play a playlist


Dapper copies the files from your Mac to your DAP without renaming them and removing special characters by default.

This means that sometimes music files with special characters in the name, or folders with those special characters, confuse your DAP.

In Dapper 2.30 we introduced five levels of character stripping - which tells Dapper to remove these strange characters as it copies your music to your DAP, thereby creating nice clean file names and solving the issue... 

On the Utilities tab, you will see a dropdown menu listing the levels:

  1. Leave special characters (default)
  2. Remove basic punctuation. (removes things like , . ( ) etc )
  3. Remove Punctuation and Specials (Removes punctuation and other extended characters)
  4. Remove most special characters
  5. Mac removal (Converts all file names only to ASCII characters)

Each successive level will strip more types of characters, but we suggest you try level 4 - Remove most special characters.

Changing this selection will cause Dapper to remove the "funky" files from your DAP and copy over new cleaned files.

This process leaves the ID3 embedded tags and artwork entirely alone, so your player should still display the full tracks, album, artiste etc names in all their glory.


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