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Finding iTunes files that are causing Dapper to crash


In rare cases, we have seen users add items to playlists that are not songs. We have seen urls like and pdf files, as an example.

If Dapper comes across an entirely new item in a playlist which is not a music file, or has corrupted tags, it may crash on scanning.

To find the culprit you can create a Smart Playlist in iTunes set up with:

Match Music for Any of the following rules - note we are just leaving the fields blank.

  • Artist is 
  • Album is
  • Media Kind is not Music




Alternately, if youre still having issues, we can see what Dapper is having issues with:


Open Applications->Utilities->Console

In the top right search box, type  Dapper

Now, hold down the option key, and keep it pressed...

Launch Dapper.

Say No to the question asking if you want to reset dapper.

Say Yes to detailed debugging.

Now, click Go to make dapper start the scan.

When it crashes - you can see the last few lines in the console of what it was doing, including potentially the file it was looking at in iTunes.


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