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TokenLock complains I do not have a screen saver password


There is a bug in OSX 10.12 that does not allow TokenLock to check your settings to make sure you have a password set for your screen saver or sleep screen.

In order to work around this bug, you can go into TokenLock settings and in the options tab select "Ignore checks for screensaver password requirements".

The actual dialog says:

Oops - you have an option set where you are using the Screen Saver or Sleep to lock your Mac, or you have instructed TokenLock to enter your password on Screen Saver or Wake.


It looks like your Mac is not set to require a password on wake/screen saver end, or you don’t have a saver selected.


Please deselect unlocking after Sleep or Screen saver in TokenLock settings, or open System Preferences, select the Security panel and make sure that your Mac is set up to require a password immediately when it sleeps or the screen saver begins.


If you still see this message, and you are sure your screen saver is set, and requires a password, select the Options tab and tell TokenLock to ignore Screen Saver checks




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