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 +====== Poly Playlists for Go Figure ======
 +Using "​External"​ Poly Playlists for maximum GoFigure luciousness:​
 +Poly seems quite happy with .m3u formatted playlists so long as they are:
 +Placed in the root of the SD card - not in any folders.
 +Separator characters for files is a /
 +Each file reference is referenced using relative paths and does not start with a /
 +By way of an example, here is an SD card view:
 +Associated playlist (specifically here including the A-HA song)
 +All Music.m3u:
 +This setup for Poly/Mojo has been saved as a DAP definition in Dapper for Mac for those who use it. New update int he MacOS app store should hit this week to add support.
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