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chordpoly-pin-config [Map Pin Wiki]

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Manually Configuring Poly

In order to switch between Network mode, the first 2 cases, and hotspot mode, you must use the yet-to-be-released GoFigure app, or use a paperclip/sim eject tool to press and hold the button hidden behind the “Config” hole on the front of the Poly Unit for around 10 seconds or so until the light goes out. This means Poly is rebooting.

Setting up your home/work WiFi and Hotspot

Below is a video showing how to set up your Poly on your network as well as Hotspot for iOS

If you prefer, here are the steps to achieve this:

  • Connect Mojo and Poly.
  • Plug your headphones into your Mojo and power up the Mojo.
  • It may take a minute or two for the poly light to illuminate. (See Poly/Mojo Light Decoder Ring)
  • We need to be in Poly Hotspot mode in order to configure Poly, so lets make sure the Poly Status (P Status) light is flashing green/blue. If it isn't, use your Poly config tool to press the button behind the Config hole on the front of Poly to switch to Hotspot mode... Click here to learn how.
  • Select that network from your phone or computer and connect. In most cases a webpage will automatically pop up after a few seconds. If one does not, you can just fire up your favorite browser and type in poly.music in the URL bar and press enter.
  • On the page that comes up make sure you rename Poly to something other than the default name.
  • On the WiFi page you can enter the Wifi network name and password you want your Poly to connect to. If you have several, you can enter them all here. Poly is case sensitive regarding the SSID and Password so that should have been correct.
  • Enter the WiFi name and password for your phone's hotspot here as well.
  • Save your settings and reboot Poly using the paperclip/sim tool in the config hole.

Music Playback

Connectivity Methods

There are a variety of ways to play music on the Poly, depending on your requirements:

  1. Direct from the inserted MicroSD Card using DLNA
  2. From a network music source using DLNA
  3. Direct from the inserted MicroSD Card using MPD
  4. as an Airplay target from iOS
  5. As a Roon endpoint

MPD players are the only players under Poly OS 1.06 or below that support DSD playback, however the user experience for DLNA is generally better.

Using Playlists with Poly and GoFigure

When using GoFigure, you can use QuickPlay to play playlists that are ont he MicroSD card of your Poly. In order to do this the playlists need to be there, and in the right format - which you can see here.

To switch between Normal and Poly-as-a-hotspot modes you'll need to use your Poly config tool to push the Poly config button for ~10 seconds.

Note that this does not currently allow DSD playback. DSD playback is only available using MPD players in firmware 1.06. See the MDP Player section below

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