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Originally posted here on November 26, 2017, but hidden until John Franks let the cat out of the bag on Head-Fi.org:

Matt and all Chord staff are on vacation until Tuesday the 2nd of January.
the same goes for our design consultants responsible for the Poly.

The contents here are provided as-is by me and analysis is purely my own opinion. Its totally possible I am completely wrong about all this….  ;-)

But... its actually not Chord's fault at all..it's been outsourced I believe

Updates come from disignupdates.com (software) and disignupdates put their website on the Poly hardware board.


The Hardware

Here, courtesy of a Head-Fi person are the innards of a Chord poly.

Notice the www.disignconsultants.com text on the top of the picture?

My poly also performed an update a few days ago, and imagine what I found in my Meraki Dashboard showing all traffic from Poly in the last week:

disignupdate.com was the only external site - and 2.4MB was downloaded by Poly.

You may also notice that the device is advertising that it does 2.4GHz AND 5GHz, which is not the case - its supposed to only have a 2.4 radio…

Clearly the hardware and software for Chord poly came from http://www.disignconsultants.com who, as it turns out, are in the UK and do consumer music players:

Unfortunately, this is going to mean slower updates and quite frankly, that some of this is out of Chord's control.

The Software

Now, as I dug into the sniffer traces, I see some of the SSDP broadcasted packets from the device, including details of the software stack running. Here is a packet from the Chord Poly broadcast on my network:

As you can see this is running MiniDLNA v1.1.5. The trouble is that MiniDLNA, which is now called RedyMedia, is actually at version 1.2.1. and 1.1.5 was updated in September 2015: Interestingly a subsequent update just 3 months ago fixes a discoverability issue.

In the 1.0.10 update they renamed the server to PolyDLNA - and revved the version to 1.2.1.

It also turns out that by looking at some of the packets, we can see this, in in fact, a linux box. You can see yourself by hitting it with a browser:


Chord Poly:JPoly [Server]
Chord Electronics
Chord Poly on Linux


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