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-====== ​Details ​======+====== ​Remove Default Gateway from DHCP served by Poly ====== 
 +When in Chord Poly Hotspot mode change DHCP so it does not advertise a default gateway. This way when users connect they can still use their phone'​s LTE/4G connection to access internet services instead of "black holing"​ all that traffic to Poly. 
 +===== Issues and solutions ===== 
 +If the poly does not hijack all traffic then the configuration page becomes an issue. 
 +We suggest Chord make it easy to hit the settings page: 
 +  * Register a DNS address like or and point it's A record at  
 +  * Have poly advertise poly.local as as well as the actual poly name 
 +  * Update instructions to have users type poly.local in their address bars 
 +  * Make point to 
 +  * Make a web page on chord use Javascript to auto redirect to poly 
 +Or rely on the Chord App for config. 
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