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 ====== Switching Chord Poly Modes ====== ====== Switching Chord Poly Modes ======
-Keep headphones connected and press the config button until Poly says she is switching ​modes. This usually takes around 8 seconds of pressing if you are simply switching from Poly;'​s own hotspot or "​Access Point Mode" to Network mode.+Chord Poly runs in several different ​modes depending on your needs.
-Going into roon mode. When you hear that release ​the pinIt will be in roon mode without access point mode+Network Mode 
 +Access Point Mode/​Hotspot 
 +Pressing the "​Config"​ button for a second will make poly tell you which mode she is in as well as read off her IP address. 
 +===== Switching Chord Poly Modes with the physical config Button ===== 
 +Keep headphones connected to your Poly and you can hear a lot of information about the current settings as well as mode changes 
 +You can press the config button using the supplied tool for about a second to hear the current mode and IP address information. 
 +If you press longer (around 8 seconds) you will hear that Poly will switch modes between Network Mode and Access Point Mode/​Hotspot ​mode.
-During access point mode, nothing is deleted, so you don't need to set up anything again. ​ 
-When you want switch playback mode to roon, you just need to set the mark and save. No network data required 
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