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Troubleshooting Dapper in detail

With the introduction of macOS Catalina and all the changes under the hood with iTunes moving to the new Music App, Podcasts being broken off and all the requests to allow apps access, a LOT has changed for MacOS and there are a lot of things that can be issues.

As a result, some people are experiencing strange issues or even crashes. (which can be hard to track down because there was no time for an error message before Dapper crashed).

Dapper can spit out a log of everything its doing, which helps us because you can tell right before it crashes what it was about to attempt to do. As a result, gathering logs for Dapper is very useful in us figuring out what's going on with your Mac, Music and Dapper

If you're running macOS 10.12 or later you can gather logs for support or to see yourself what is happening with Dapper.  (On MacOS versions prior to 10.12 we turn off logging in order to improve speed.)

To see a video on how, click here:

Here are the instructions in detail:

In order to see what is happening in the log, you need to open the Console App. Its found in your Applications inside the Utilities folder.

In the Console app you will see all kinds of messages and errors from all kinds of different MacOS systems, but youre only interested in those having to do with Dapper, and maybe also only those that are errors. First, lets gather everything Dapper related and include also all messages. In the top right of the Console window is a search box. Type Dapper in that box and press enter/return.

Now run Dapper while holding down the Option Key. This will pop up a message asking if you want to "Enable Detailed Debugging" - Click YES. This will cause Dapper to display a lot more details of what its doing. Now you can try do whatever is causing the issue. That may be syncing or something else.

In the Console app you should see some, and maybe a lot of details as to what happened with Dapper. If your issue is a crash we are very interested in the last page or two of information. Click on the last line, hold down shift and then click on the top line to select the whole page (or select more).

Now click the "Share" button and send us the information in an email to

More details:

In order to filter out stuff you don't care about you can also look at just errors and faults in this log.  On the left side of the Console window near the top is a button next to "All Messages" you can click labelled "Errors and Faults" which will allow you to filter the log.

Similarly, if you are looking for an issue with a particular song,  you may want to enter that into the search box.

There is a lot more to see in the Dapper Manual which you can find here:

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